My name is Jen Marie and this is the story of my life.

My name is Jen Marie and this is the story of my life.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Her name is Beauty...

I once knew this girl named Beauty,
She was everything everybody wanted to be,
sometimes I would even see a little beauty in me,
she always seemed happy,
even though everyone around her fought,
she always tried to get attention, but never got a lot,
she had this aura that not many could see,
but Beauty, she was perfect to me,
as we grew older this aura faded away,
she got too attracted to all the cameras, light, hollywood, the fame
It came to a point where my friend, Beauty completely changed,
she was becoming less of a person, but more of an expensive way of life,
so oneday Beauty called me, and she said she decided to run away,
and i begged her to stay,
and she said Jenny this is not who i want to be,
I am running because people no longer see me, for me,
but what they view on t.v,
so i must leave until they can figure out that beauty is only skin deep,
I was sad she had to leave, but she was right,
and I haven’t seen Beauty ever since that night,
and if anybody sees Beauty, tell her I’ve changed
I’ve come to realize that beauty is more than meets the eye,
but what lies inside.


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