My name is Jen Marie and this is the story of my life.

My name is Jen Marie and this is the story of my life.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Who am I??

I am a young, strong African American,
I am hip-hop,
I am the poet,
I am the artist,
Who am I,
I am the pen to the paper,
I am the dream of my young people,
Cause I am the future.
I am my own generation,
I am the roots of Africa,
To the beat of the dreams,
To the tears of the slaves,
I am sometime heard, mostly seen, but always misunderstood,
Cause nobody took time to know the person that lives inside,
So you'll think I'm different,
But I just think I'm unique,
Is it because I smile all the time,
Well that's just to keep the pain inside,
My feelings are a secret that was never told,
Cause I grew up to church every Sunday, macaroni always cooking, and the sound of Cassidy's voice always buzzing in my ear,
Who am I, you ask,
I am love at first sight,
I am the last child of , a single parent,
I am a fatherless child,
Holding on to the memories, and just not able to let go,
Finding it hard to realize, that the man I once knew is no longer in my life,
Feeling like I am a mistake,
Cause life isn't suppose to be this harsh,
Who am I?
If I was a color, I would be black, and proud,
Free at last, as the great Martin Luther King once said.
If I was an animal I would be a tiger, strong an full of pride,
A leader not a follower,
If I was a shape I would be a heart, loving and caring
Longing for more people to come in
Just to lock them in,
Cause I refuse to let another soul disappear in my life,
And my heart cries for you to come back every night,
I am from dreams that never came true,
I am your umbrella on a rainy day,
I'll shelter you from pain, tell your problems go away,
I am a revolution,
I am history in the making,
Cause every tear has its own story,
Every cut carries its own tale,
Every child has its own purpose,
Who am I? you ask,
I am your deepest fear,
Your most sacred secret,
Your bitter lies,
I am the opposite of you,
Cause I'm everything you are not,
I am from reggae to hip-hop to alternative rock,
I am the last step, to your last breath,
So think wise,
Who am I ? you ask?
I am the product of life.


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