My name is Jen Marie and this is the story of my life.

My name is Jen Marie and this is the story of my life.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jen Marie

On February 26,1992
Jen Marie
Was conceived
An angel
To bring truth to the deceit
To bring faith to the unbelieved
Sent from above
She fears nothing but love
She was crafted by the finest
To conquer the world through her niceness and kindness
A poet by birth
A writer by choice
Put on earth's surface to manifest nothing but perfection
Always moving in a forward direction
Cuz success is her destination
She's wateva she wants to be
Wateva she puts her mind to she completes
Jen Marie
The name they've given to me
I stand before you as only a teen
But there's more to me than one's eyes can see
I've loved people who'll never love me back
I've wanted things I know I'll never have
I've been threw things people will never believe
Through all my pain I've found a way for my feelings to be conveyed
My poetry is like the underground railroad to the slaves
Through it, I am free
There is nothing in life people can throw at me, that can break me
I been through too much shit that only love can shake me
If you want me
its gonna be hard for you to take me
Through out my years no one has been able to save me
I am a wounded child
And only love can heal me
So to prevail I keep my heart sealed
Until someone is brave enough to peel the seal
and say they love me for real
So in the mean time
I grind
Kind heartily
The way I was designed to be
With my education and kindness I made it from the start
But now I need somebody to love my heart
Some people say I have it all because I'm beautiful and am smart
But what about my soul?
Sometimes all a girl needs is someone to hold........


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