My name is Jen Marie and this is the story of my life.

My name is Jen Marie and this is the story of my life.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


You ripped right through me like a baby out of her mother's wound
But you see our love was premature
It happened to soon
So when it died
It wasn't really fully developed
But I miss it
Like any mother would
to a child she gave birth
We was connected like an umbilical cord
Even when cut
A part of me was still left in you
there was a bond between the two
How does a mother bury her own child
how does a lover
watch her only love
love someone else
it hurts
it hits you like a slam dunk from Shaquille O'Neal
its painful
its just so surreal
its like the pain while giving birth
it leaves scars on your thoughts
like the scars left from a sea section
there so anti-depression for this
our love will seed nothing but the truth
will produce the epitome of perfection from me and you
your inside of me
like the blood going through my vines
like an egg through fallopian tubes
birth is slowly being produced
i depict our love
as a scenery of a mother giving birth
even though the site of you takes my breath away
your love had me look at life a different way
the phases of our love
was like the labor of a mother
although it was painful
it was always stated no great love ever came with out great struggle
you brought me life
life of memories I'll treasure till the death of me
moments i hope never perish so they can live beyond me
even though your no longer beside me
I want to see you happy even if its not with me
You gave me something no one has ever given to me
You gave me life
while i was breathing
but it wasn't a seed
it was something only my heart could see.


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