My name is Jen Marie and this is the story of my life.

My name is Jen Marie and this is the story of my life.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fuck me with your words.

Fuck me with your words
Cause that's the only way you can make me cum and scream
Take off your clothes,
filled with shame and bitter lies
Our love has nothing to hide
So cum inside of me
let loose all your broken promises and dreams
But when am dripping I need to know you'll be there to catch me!
Get down on your knees and use your tongue that communicates beautiful
music to me
Fuck me with your words
Of nothing but honesty and truth and with every stroke
I want you to scream I love you
While am throwing it back
Am trying to see if you'll always have my back
Love is a battlefield you always have to be ready to attack
Just shove it in my mouth cause u know my mind won't let me speak those
You utter and scream
Fuck me with your words
Give me rough sex
I don't do the child like phone sex
But when your ready to ejaculate
Let loose
On my chest
To the left
Where my heart is
Where our love is
Pour out all your problems and insecurities you've been scarred with
Fuck me with your words
Wen your on top I'll let u take a rest
I'll show you why they say team work
Works best
you gotta work your way from the bottom to get to the top
I know you like it wet
I'll spit on it!
Cause I got a couple of words to get off my chest
Fuck me with your words
no need for protection
my heart is open
i fear no rejection
teach me new tricks
lets take our love in another direction
you want me
i see it in your eyes
another erection
Fuck me with your words
as u twist and turn me in different positions
our bodies collide
this must be the best collision
its not the time to be holding discussion
or making decisions
But Fuck me with your words
so I can replay it in my mind
And feel you sexing me every time.


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