My name is Jen Marie and this is the story of my life.

My name is Jen Marie and this is the story of my life.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I reach out for your touch
But its like a lost child reaching our for love
Like mute trying to speak
Like death trying to breathe
There's no hope for me
Your living two different lives
One in deceit
Seeded by false believes
Hidden behind direct messages and text messages
You will never degrade me
To a skank
A whore
Just something on the side
Because you never really wanted me by your side
I can never subject myself to being...
That girl
That's good enough to sleep with
But not good enough to be with
Whose day job is daydreaming
About her night job
You hide me behind closed doors
As if am not good enough for the world to see,
Am I not pretty enough to showcase
Bright enough to display
No one knows you call me baby
No one knows we share memories
No one knows
When your not tweeting, your all wrapped up in me
But you know
If everything shattered
I'd be the one picking up the broken pieces
If everything was burning
I'd be the one putting out the fire
I just don't know why its not OK for you to just love me
I'm like
An abandoned child
The reason daddy never stayed around
A mistake
the reason why mother never cared in the first place
You hide me behind tinted windows
As if I'm a disgrace
As if I ever caused you pain
When we're together you never tweet
So no one knows your with me
I'm not foolish
I'm not blind
I'm not deaf
I hear
And understand
You knew I'd never leave
You've cultivated my heart, body, and soul
But took advantage of me
I'm tired of wearing my heart on my sleeve
Am over it
everything I thought we could be
this Is our last chapter
No happy ending after
Yet I loved every minute of this beauty disaster
But at the end of the day
I know
it was never really about me..

Why did I think anything would change............ Cocobforchanel



  1. This is Rontez Valentine and i come on here to say that poem was really deep. But she doesn't know anything. But i guess she wants me to tell the world my feelings but im not cause thats nobodies business besides me and her.